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Operation & Maintenance

The Operation and Maintenance Manual describes how to use and maintain your Rationel windows and doors. The manual contains detailed instructions for adjusting, oiling and cleaning. All instructions are illustrated.



Maintenance of windows and doors.

Rationel AURA & FORMA maintenance of external wood - full colours

Timber windows need maintenance. Not much though, if the work gets done in time. Inspect regularly whether there are cracks emerging in the exterior coating. This applies particularly on the southern and western elevations, bays etc. where the sun's UV rays are hard on all woodwork.

Just one crack in the paint exposes the timber to moisture, and the decomposition of the timber has begun. The windows must be reviewed once a year with a brush to make repairs to the surface wherever they are needed. The timber moisture content should be in the range between 15 and 18 percent and the air temperature around 15 degrees. Avoid painting too early - wait for the night dew to ease - and quit in time for the paint be "hand dry" before the dew falls again. For post-treatment we recommend the use of a paint with great covering power either water or oil based in the appropriate colour. The paint applied in the factory is water based in gloss 20. Furthermore it is a good idea to wash the sash and frame a few times a year when you clean the windows. This removes dirt and other contamination, which ultimately degrades the surface. Use water with a mild detergent.

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